Making Time For Me

This is a hard post to write, because while I think I take time for me, I don’t think I always choose the best ways to take time for me. I think as adults and as parents, we tend to either not take time for us, or we take time for us and don’t use it in beneficial ways.

I think, as much as I love social media and blogging, I spend way too much time doing these activities. I would say that a fair amount of people also spend too much time on these activities and not enough time doing things that are actually productive.

I know that Facebook is a time drainer for me. I am learning that I need to leave my phone and my computer away so that I don’t get caught up. I completely understand why Facebook and other forms of social media can be detrimental to kids and young adults. Hell, I’m almost 44 and when I post pretty much anything, if I don’t get likes or comments I get disappointed. I also get really excited when people like and comment. Imagine being a teenager or young adult and having those feelings. I can cope with them, but developmentally, teens and young adults have a harder time. I can also read other peoples posts and they can completely drain my energy and make my blood boil.

Pinterest is another time sucker. It’s one of those pages that I don’t visit often, but I do find myself getting totally caught up in looking for pins rather than using the things that I pin. I need to make time to use Pinterest the way that I feel it should be used; a place to find and save things for later. I need to remember that I am saving these pins so that I can take the time to actually make the things that I save, not just save them.

Instagram is another social media site that I use as well as twitter. I use Instagram a decent amount, but not really twitter. Neither of these are time suckers like Facebook or Pinterest. They are places that I like to post once in a while and maybe look at what others post, but I could take it or leave it.

There are a lot of other social media sites that I don’t know about and really don’t want to know about. At least, I don’t want to know about them until I need to. I think it is really important when you have kids to know what is out there that they may get into.

Blogging, on the other hand, is something that I really enjoy. And for me, other than being a major time sucker, I don’t really find it detrimental to my well being. Actually, I find it really helpful to read and follow blogs, as well as write my own. I just need to make sure that I don’t allow it to take over my time.

Other than just web searches, the only other thing that takes up my time is YouTube. This is another area that takes up my time, but I feel like I use it appropriately. A lot of times, I use it for music and will have dance parties with my kids or have relaxing music at work. I use it to learn things, such as meditations, how to videos, and other things like that. I can get caught up, if I’m not careful, in watching how to do something instead of actually doing it, but that is actually really rare.

So, If I know that I do make time for me, just not the most appropriate time, what are somethings that I can do and you can do to make better use of our time? Figure out what it is that you like to do. What are you interested in? What are your hobbies that maybe you gave up? How can you get those activities back?

I know that I need to spend more time getting my house in order; clean and organized. I think I use a lot of the above activities as distractions to not do things that I know need to get done. I should also be spending more time exercising and getting healthy. I need to actually to the activities that I love and not just read about the online. I need to get outside and hike and just be in nature. I need to read and not watch TV.

What is it that you can do to make time for you? How can you make the most of that time? We definitely have a time management issue in our culture, but I think, at least it is for me, it is more allowing social media, computers in general, and TV to take up too much of our time. I need to prioritize what really makes me happy, like my hobbies (that often fall by the wayside), and get off the computer (phone and/or tablet) and do them.

Live your life! Love your Life! Don’t get so caught up in things that don’t really matter, that you forget to take care of you!



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  1. These are great things to do for you time. I love photography and soap making too. Lovely post


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