“Woman Unleashed”

I have been “attending” an online retreat for the past few days and will continue for the next few days. It has been completely inspiring and has really made me think about living my authentic self and how I can nurture my mind, body, and spirit. You really should check out the retreat at Woman Unleashed and sign up before it is over. It may be a little out there for some people, but I am loving every minute of it.

For me, so many different things came up during the talks. The first talk was from Shiloh Sophia and I loved every bit of it, from the writing my invitation to the drawing of my #embodiedsucculence. I enjoyed the drawing right after I finished it, but each time I look at it, I love it more and more! Such a peaceful and zen look to her! You can enjoy this session too if you join in the retreat.

My Zenful self.

The next session that spoke to me, even though I didn’t realize it until later, was the one from LiYana Silver. She spoke about practicing receiving, taking compliments, and competition with other women. I know I sometimes have a hard time with compliments, can be jealous and envious of others (sometimes worse with women). I had an experience yesterday that showed how different interactions can be depending on who is there. Earlier in the day, I was wearing a beaded tree of life pendent that I had made and a friend complimented me on it. It wasn’t the most comfortable things to experience, but I just said thank you. This was prior to listening to the session. Later that day, the same friend complimented me again, this time to a mutual friend and I wasn’t able to say thank you and leave it. I had to include “it wasn’t that hard. Just some beads and wire twisting”. I was thinking about the conversation this morning and didn’t realize how different they went until then. It was certainly harder to accept a compliment with more than one person involved, at least it was for me.

The next session that impacted me was a meditation from Dr. Mary Pritchard. She did a meditation on “unleashing the wild woman”. While I listened to the meditation and took notes, I didn’t exactly do the exercise as the meditation told me to; that’s only because I wanted to get the instructions written down. I did follow the meditation and my wild woman image was that of a gypsy or a bohemian woman. It’s funny that is what came to me since I love the whole idea of the gypsy and have even dressed up like one a few times in the past and bought an outfit a a renaissance festival and made a very simple one after that. I have also had a friend tell me I’m like a gypsy. I need to do the meditation over and this time, really listen to what she says. I can’t wait to do this and write and draw what I learn.

This morning, before my first client, I listened to Amanda Pua Walsh. This is a little out there even for me, but it really made sense. The summer solstice is a time to focus and get things done. Amanda’s meditation was about what you want to work on, what can you today to day to work on that goal or idea, what can you do this week and over the next 3-4 months, and finally what does your idea or goal look like after 3-4 months. A lot of visualization and a lot of writing things down. These are 2 activities that I love; so while the idea of astrology may be a little out there, I love the meditation that she did. Check it out. I plan to learn more about astrology so that I can have more knowledge before actually forming an opinion about it.

Check out this online retreat. I can’t express enough how much I am loving it and how much I feel like it is guiding me places and helping me with my life/career goals. I’m not sure what the end result will be, but I am loving learning how to unleash my inner goddess and letting my wild woman self be free.



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