Food and The Zenful HeART


Seven years ago, I did a blood test, IgG ELISA which showed that I had a major intolerance to gluten, yeast, egg yolks, and dairy. I have had pretty nasty digestive stuff in the past, but that has mostly cleared up. No my allergies seem to really be acting up a lot this year. My son had the same blood test and it showed dairy and gluten as his intolerances. We stopped dairy for him and things improved greatly. When he has too much dairy, he gets very congested and starts snoring and having difficulty breathing.

I made the decision to stop eating the foods that came up as 3s on my test results. What does this have to do with mindfulness and living a zenful life? Eating is a place in my life where I don’t find myself being very mindful. I have decided that I am going to eat the right foods and see if my allergies are better.

I am also going to see if I can be a more mindful eater. I just scoffed down some frozen gluten free waffles and did not take the time to enjoy them. I am trying to really enjoy my coffee. I have used Califia Almond milk creamer. and am really enjoying my coffee using my senses. I plan to make time to really slow down and enjoy my food.

Mindful eating is all about slowing down and using your senses to really enjoy your food. Slow down and actually look at your food before you eat it. Smell it and take in the aroma. You then place it in your mouth and really enjoy the texture. This step is one that is very difficult for me. I have a hard time taking time once food id in my mouth, but I really believe it is important. Then finaloly focus on the taste. Use this method to really enjoy your food!

Are there any foods that you have eliminated from your diet? Was it hard?



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