Mindfulness, Yoga, and Meditation

How does one go about having a “Zenful HeART”? This is a question I think about a lot! Do I live like I should and like I truly want to? Do I make time to have a mindfulness practice? What else can I do to make sure that I am living as Zenfully as I cam?

Having this blog allows me to be a little more focused and aware of the way I live my life. Prior to writing here, as much as I loved mindfulness, meditation, Yoga and things like that, I didn’t always practice them. I didn’t really even consciously think about them either. Now, whether I am getting prepared to write a blog post or if I’m just going about my day to day life, I am more aware of my actions and reactions. By no means do I live a mindful life every moment of every day or even daily but I am definitely more aware of my breath and the way I react. I honestly believe that awareness is a key piece in all of this.

That being said, as much as I am more aware of mindful practices, I need to actually make time to build a mindfulness practice into my daily life. It is something I truly believe in and am really thinking that it may be the next step in my career. I also think that it is so important to take time to actually practice what you believe in especially when it can make an important impact on your life.

Amazon Prime Day was 2 days ago and while I didn’t spend a ton of money or get great deals, I did get a couple of new essential oil diffusers to help with my mindfulness/Meditation/yoga practice. I think I got a really nice one that was on sale for a good discount as well as a prime day deal and seemed to have really good reviews. I got another one that seemed to have great reviews also, but wasn’t the big discount that the other one was. The next day, I bought a couple of more things so that I could add to my yoga practice equipment. I got a decent deal on yoga blocks, yoga strap, and a yoga blanket and I already have a mat. It’s somewhat silly, but I picked the colors of my other supplies based on my mat color and my love of color. They don’t all match exactly, but they are colorful and match. I want to add a bolster and a sand bag to my equipment, but in time.

I’m a little nervous, because like I said, I have not actually been practicing yoga and other mindfulness practices. I don’t want to just spend money on things and not use them. I will say, the last couple of nights, I have done a very short bedtime yoga routine. While it was really short and I can’t really say that I slept better, I did enjoy doing it. I plan to spend some time learning yoga poses for both relaxation and morning energy.  I wish I had a small area of my home that I could make into a small yoga/mindfulness studio. Another goal I have is to purge more “stuff” and maybe then I’ll be able to have room.

Do you have a mindfulness or yoga practice? Is it consistent or is it work to find time? For me, I need to recognize that it is important enough to make the time. My mindfulness practice will include: meditation, creativity, aromatherapy, herbs, sound/music, reading, and of course yoga.

Namaste my friends,


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