I am a 40 something year old married mom of 3. Professionally, I am a clinical social worker who is trying to learn how to incorporate gardening, creativity, healthy eating, and meditation/mindfulness into my practice as well as my own life. These are all deep passions of mine and I love to learn more about how they all work together to make our daily lives better.

Being outside, in the garden, growing food and plants is one way that I can relax and feel connected to the earth. Feeling the heat or the coolness of the earth can be very soothing. Knowing that what I grow in my own yard will help feed my family makes the time in the garden so very worth it. Seeing my children go into the garden and pick food is amazing. Seeing my flowers bloom and seeing the insects that are attracted brings me joy.

For me, creativity takes me to a place that allows me to feel connected with past craftsmen and past loved ones who passed on their love of creativity, a place where I can take something and make it into something else, as well as a place of peace.

As I have gotten older, food holds a whole new meaning for me. Part of it is realizing my connection to food and loved ones, but part of it is really enjoying the different flavors of different foods and cultures. I have also learned how food can effect our bodies and our minds if we don’t choose wisely.

Finally, as a social worker and a busy married mom of 3 kids close in age, mindfulness and meditation are near and dear to my heart. Finding ways to reduce stress in our busy lives is so very important to me. Our children, whether our own or our world, should not have to deal with the enormous amount of stress that they have. My goal is to teach people, including children, how to deal with the stress that they are faced with. We will all have stress in our lives, but how we deal with it is important.

My goal in life is to learn how to manage my stress, teach my children ways to manage theirs, and teach my clients different ways to cope with their stress. I look forward to sharing what I learn as I research how gardening, creating, eating healthy, and using meditation and mindfulness affects our mind, body, and our soul.



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